Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dove White

A final reminder of your smell
lies in what remains of this bar of soap
that has melted time and passion
into its soft mediterranean skin

A stimulating incense triggers
this infusion of jojoba kisses
A token of its moist & careless seduction
steams these bathroom walls once inhibited
Now nostalgic
to its washed away existence

A final reminder of your smile
lies in what remains of this bit of soap
that has scrubbed off lies & deceit
while it has nourished your appetite
for squander & wanderlust

a transient reminder a bubble                          a wet reminiscence  

Monday, October 2, 2017

Newton Saturday

No control over your center
A forward motion in infinity
Light a constant speed rushing
Seldom relative to your emotion

Mass creates unnoticed tension
Shifting your space and time


Trapped in a black hole
In a web of altered conception

We drown.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Disenchanted Orange

sunset jogger evening light
a reefer sparked burns slow
feet rush free
blue meets yellow
man in a Tee-surely vitamin water
fire hydrant smooth tap
crowds gather
clouds obscure
perspective disenchanted
rough skin fades
a strange predicament
a dim reflection
a challenge to orange

ZS 26.9.2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Just because

I write because I dream
I dream because it’s my nature
To capture a picture -- a perception
When inspiration comes in letters warm
Flood colors and words that storm
A journey into the unreal
A cosmos of a transient appeal

I write because I dream
I dream because I like to phase out
And blow like a light zephyr in early springtime
And watch myself cool off
Slow down the friction before you catch fire
Before you burn into ashes of forgotten desire
Without answers that make any sense

I write because I dream
It is my personal space to beam
Out ---annoying and troubling thoughts
as the mind rushes into knots
When loneliness has been put to the test
And friendship has returned to its nest
& love once again has been chosen to rest

I write just because... 

Z.S. 6-7-17

Friday, August 25, 2017

With all his being (on Imad's Birthday)

He patiently waited for his deliverance
Until his sailboat arrived at 80
He left behind him
Missed ways and silvery clouds
Mother earth and echoes of smiles
Whispers of longing for home

Traces uneasy to recognize
Yet felt throbbing in his songs and hymns
Unpretentious and unforgotten
By the humming bird he wished to be

His desire for verse
Bursted in organic flow
(Seldom empty of passion)
have covered the shadows
of his Dionysian letters
and his eternal love for life

He felt subdued in his loneliness
But hopeful and intoxicated
By the incense of every coming dusk

Out of his words
An event speaks freedom
Anguish and peaceful expectations
A revelation of songs
Remembered on his birthday                

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I wander in a jungle

I wander in a jungle
In search for the bungle
Of hidden mushrooms
And peyote crumble
Instead found an old man
Who constantly mumbles
And with his ivory pipe
He whistles and rumbles
Sweet sounds so lifting
Warm fumes it humbles
Higher than any being

Deep into the august jungle

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


 Worm of motion
slides gently to cut
the landscape
red & Orange
like the sky
Shuts its eyes
& its horizon
Fades to darkness

It blinds
It binds
Connection to the minds
To seek a shelter without abuse
& a bed without a muse